Human Base Apparel

Human Base Apparel




Hteck™ paneling is crafted in tandum with light weight, stretch fabrics, that breath. The fabric blends that are applied depend on climate of wearer.

  • Moisture Wicking
  • Quick Drying
  • Breathable
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Odor-Resistant
  • Fights Bacteria
  • Fabric Moves with you for comfort through out the day

Protection & Quality

An Antimicrobial Performance Undergarment for Hospitals and Healthcare Units to Promote a Sterile Environment and Increase Quality Control:

Culinary Issues

  • Tight snug fit to not add bulk to body, staying away from stove and food.
  • 96% cotton shirt.
  • Cuts down on bacteria sources getting in to food from body.
  • Promotes sterile environment.


  • Keeps you fresh while playing under the lights.
  • Keeps expensive outer garments dry and clean to look and feel.
  • Ability to stay hidden under nice garments, male or female version.

Sweat Protection Process

  1. Body begins to perspire due to activity or situation.
  2. Undershirt wicks sweat away from body.
  3. Moisture is absorbed into undergarment xtra dry cotton.
  4. Drys quickly so it is not on your body or outer garments.
  1. Double Reinforced Armpit and Back Area

    Protects other garments from: Sweat, Oils, Odor and Antiperspirant Chemicals.

  2. Raglan Sleeve

    For comfort over shoulders.

  3. Seamless Underarm and Side

    For comfort and wide range of movement.

  4. Snug Fit

    To act as a second skin layer of protection not a baggy undershirt.

  5. Extra Length

    To allow coverage through any activity.